How to use Fiddler To Cheat Ninja Saga

Step 1: download And install fiddler in the  Link Given Below

Step 2: Run fiddler 2

Step 3: After fiddler 2 fully loads click on AUTORESPONDER Tab

Step 4: Then click in the two check boxes: 'enable auto responder' and 'permit passthrough for unmatched requests'

Step 5: There are different types of hacks....instant mission hack,gold hack,xp hack etc.....and to doing these hacks requires specific ''swf'' files to be placed in fiddler....Specific swf (hack files) do specific hacks....

Step 6: This Blog Has a collection of swf hack files which u can download the hack  you need and and then drag the swf files that are in the specific hack to the auto responder window in fiddler 2...

Step 7: Open your browzer and Clear the cache of the browzer...(do not delete cookies)...

Step 8: Go to Ninja Saga and enjoy the Hacks!!

Tips: (Clearing the cache of ur browzer frequently while playing can reduce the annoying page reloading errors)

AND ONLY ONE SPECIFIC HACK CAN BE USED AT A xp hack cant be used while using  gold it?